Monday, August 22, 2011

1000 Gifts: 59-63

59. Waking up and falling back asleep to thunder, lightening, and lots of rain.  I love storms!
60. My husband thought he improved last night, but was sick after midnight.  He went to "sick call" this morning and was given quarters for 48 hours and a bag full of medicine.  He hasn't slowed down all summer, so I'm viewing this illness as a gift, because his body and mind needs the rest.
61. Our youngest singing her own words to the hymns in the car this morning.
62. Extra hugs and kisses each morning from our Kindergartener at drop-off. 
63. Getting a call from my parents yesterday afternoon.  They were biking at a state park I used to work at.  Dad called Mom his "blond girlfriend" and they were giggling.  It was so sweet to picture them enjoying their day without any wedding stresses.


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