Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Military Spouse "Funniest or Most Embarrassing Military Wife Moment"

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I just saw that the topic changed, but I will post this anyway.
My most embarrassing moment as a military wife would be at our first base, shortly after we got married.  I was going to college, working a part-time job, and also selling Avon on the side.  I stopped in at our Commander's house one Saturday to deliver an order to his wife.  We were friends through the spouse's group, so I didn't feel uncomfortable dropping by.  I knocked on the door and their child answered.  I asked the child if his parents were home.  The boy replied that his dad told him to open the door.  So, I stepped in and peeked my head into their living room.  From that point on, everything got fuzzy, voices were muted, and my life was turned down to slow motion.  On the couch was the Commander, sprawled out in nothing but his briefs.  I dropped the Avon, blurted out something, and left.  I later found out that he was expecting his wife home from grocery shopping, so he told his son to open the door for his mom!  Oops.


Aimee said...

OH NOOOO!!! Hehehehe. I'm sorry but this made me laugh so hard. How embarrassing!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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