Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Military Spouse "A Letter to My Military Husband"

Wives of Faith MilSpouses Rock

To my military man,
Wow, what a ride you've taken me on for the past 12 years!  On the day we got married, not only did I gain your last name, but I gained the title of "Air Force Wife."  That title is so broad and I am completely honored that you chose me to be your "winglady." 

We've lived in 9 homes/5 states, suffered through a miscarriage, a remote to Korea, and have 3 beautiful children.  We've explored the mountains, valleys, plateaus, dunes, glaciers, and more.  Our trip from Alaska to Washington on the ferry made me fall in love with you all over again. 

You do your job for our country, but your real passion is being a witness to the airmen around you.  You reach people when they are at the darkest points in their lives.  You have such an intuitive spirit that knows how to witness without being overbearing.  You meet those airmen exactly where they are.  You may be an engine mechanic by trade, but God has a higher calling for your life and you are listening to Him. 

You are the best father to our children and I pray that they will grow up leading by your example.  Thank you for encouraging me to stay at home with them.  You want what is best for them, and I thank you for sacrificing big toys, fancy cars, and exotic vacations so we can make that possible.

I love you,


Aimee said...

Very sweet!

Jessica said...

ok, I am fighting back the tears...
beautiful letter!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

I love it... So sweet! I'm just starting to experience being a military spouse! :)

Ebony S said...

Such a lovely letter! The esteem and respect you have for your hubby is evident, your children are blessed to have such a great example in both of you!

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