Friday, December 26, 2008

30 to 30: Day 11

In my 30's, I really want to figure out an awesome system for laundry. If you are one of my faithful readers, you know that this is a struggle for me. So, families with 3 or more kids, I need suggestions on how you get it done. Thank you!


Shelly said...

I subscribe to the FlyLady method; one load every day, bring it down in the morning and start it, "reboot" at lunch time, fold it after lunch, take it up and put it away at night (or have the kids take it up and put it away)
This keeps my laundry mountain WAY under control.

Another thing I used to do was do laundry only on Wednesdays. It was kind of nice to mentally dismiss the laundry pile every time I walked by it, and then I'd just make Wednesdays my "at home" day and do loads of laundry between everything else. That worked pretty well when the kids were littler, but now it's just easier to do one a day.

I've been thinking about changing it up a bit (just for fun-ha!) and still doing one load every day, but only a certain person's. There are five of us, so Alec's on Monday, Benji's on Tuesday, etc. I'd incorporate this into teaching the kids about doing laundry, folding, putting away, etc. (Except for my 2-yr. old!) The only way it would work, though, is if we all had an individual laundry basket...I don't know if I have room for 5 laundry baskets!

Chrysanthemama said...

Wow, lots of great ideas! Thank you, Shelly. :)

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