Friday, July 1, 2011

Beth Moore: Prayer

Beth Moore sure knows how to clean out the cobwebs and lube up the rusty gears in my brain.  I've done her Esther, Daniel, Loving Well, A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place, and He Speaks To Me studies, but Revelation definitely ranks at the top.  I love that there are only a handful of questions each week, but they still manage to be thought-provoking.

These are just some random thoughts, but I wanted to get them out before I forget.

In Week 4, Beth makes an analogy about prayer.  Picture each of your prayers going up as incense before God.  They sit in a bowl, waiting for an answer in His perfect timing.  Our prayers are not forgotten.  They are placed before Him, because He knows exactly how and when to answer them.  A question was brought up about continuing to pray for something over and over.  Is this okay to do, especially if God has heard our prayer?  I think it is.  God wants to hear from us, He knows what is on our heart, and He wants us to express that to Him.  Like any father, He wants to provide for us.  I also think that praying for something more than once is okay, because we are opening our heart to Him and that is allowing us to have our heart changed if the answer to our request is "no", or "not right now."  I think back to the year we were wanting a fourth child.  We prayed over and over to have His will be done in that situation.  In our hearts, we wanted more children, but month after month of trying and no success, He began to change our hearts.  In the end, His will was done and we were at complete peace with that.

More to come on Savior Complex and respecting husband's decisions soon...


Sami Jo said...

You painted a beautiful picture with your words dear girl. Thank you for this reminder of how precious prayer is and how much our God truly cares.

Hope you are well and have a beautiful restful holidy weekend.

Hugs, SJ

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