Friday, July 1, 2011

1000 Gifts: 21-25

21. My husband was home this morning and kept the kids mostly quiet, so I could stay in bed.  I was in and out of sleep until I got up at 11:15am!  I haven't stayed in bed this long since before we had kids.  I've been mentally and physically drained for a long time, so this gift was incredibly appreciated.

22. An email conversation this morning that ended up releasing a huge burden from our shoulders.  God is so good!

23. The kids' squeals as they play in the sprinklers for the 234th time today.

24. A new summer salad recipe from a sweet friend.

25. Still smiling from the look on my cousin's face when we surprised her at her Starbucks on our way to the cities.  It was a sweet reunion.


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