Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1000 Gifts: 46-50

46. Watching 100+ kids singing and dancing for Jesus at VBS this week.

47. Wrapping things up here, before the kids and I head to MN for my sister's wedding.  We'll be able to spend 16 busy and fun-filled days with family and friends, many whom we haven't seen in years.

48. Hugging and loving on our dear friends from Idaho this weekend.  We met them at the zoo after church on Sunday, spent the day together, and they stayed at our home that night.  It was so wonderful and so familiar.

49. My husband coming home and telling me that he received his first "thank you" and a hand shake from his Chief.  It's amazing that he's worked so hard in his 13+ years and has never been told thank you for what he does by a higher-up.

50. Watching our cherry tomato plants grow.  We have over a hundred that are green!


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