Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Little Word 2009: Part 1

If I could be anyone in the blogosphere, I would be Ali Edwards. I have enjoyed her blog for a couple of years, and would be crushed if she quit blogging, as would so many others. She is an amazing photographer and digital scrapbooker. Each year, she encourages her readers to choose one little word for the year. After thinking about it for the past couple of weeks, I finally came up with my word.

On a trip to Boise last spring, we made one last stop at Starbucks before heading home. We usually swing through the drive-through, but this time I ran inside. While waiting for our order, I browsed the merchandise, and came across a really fun mug and journal. Little did I know that 9 months later, I would be sitting at the computer with my coffee, trying to come up with a word for the year and literally having that word stare me in the face! This is my word for 2009.


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