Monday, January 5, 2009

30 to 30: Day 19

In my 30's, I want to become a good herb gardener! We use a lot of fresh herbs, and at $2-$3 for a small package, the cost really adds up. Maybe I need to ask for an aero garden for my birthday! I would also like to grow our own sprouts. We bought a kit at the co-op last spring, but I have yet to start them. I think I will this week.


The Broms said...

I love growing basil in my kitchen window. The more you tear from it the more leaves it produces. The one I started in March just croaked last week after giving me lots of amazing pesto, sauce and salads. MMMMMMmmmm I miss him.

Chrysanthemama said...

Yum, is there anything better than growing your own? The stuff from the comm. is good, but not that good! I'll have to get your pesto recipe sometime. :)

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