Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Has Sprung in My Powder Room!

B&B Works came out with a new and fabulous scent! I am partial to Japanese Cherry Blossom, but I needed to update my "scent" for spring. On our latest trip to Boise, I decided to run into the mall and try out the new scent. It was AMAZING! It is called, Enchanted Orchid. During that particular visit, I decided to share my new found love with my close friends and mother-in-law, so I picked up 10 small bottles of lotion. While checking my email a few weeks ago, there was an email from B&B Works promoting their new scent and offering a special bonus bag and a buy 3 get 1 free. So, here is a list of my latest savings!

Shower Gel: $10.00
Body Splash: $11.00
Hand Cream: $12.00
Shipping + tax: $4.98
Body Lotion: FREE
Lush Orchid Tote: FREE
$15 off coupon for an Enchanted Orchid Bouquet
FREE Satin Body Veil w/purchase coupon
FREE True Blue Spa product w/purchase coupon


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