Sunday, July 17, 2011

1000 Gifts: 36-40

36. Sneaking away for a couple of hours, so I could stop for a sandwich and do some book browsing before Bible study last Wednesday.

37. Picking up our oldest after she spent a week with her grandparents.  It is SO nice having all my sweeties back under one roof for the rest of the summer,.
 And, surviving our trip to KC yesterday.  I have no problems driving in bigger cities, but it proved to be more of a challenge yesterday.  Our A/C isn't as cold as it should be, we had to take some detours due to the flooding, our youngest got car sick and lost her stomach a few times on the way, and we still haven't replaced our GPS that died 9 months ago.  Did I mention my husband had to work, so he couldn't go with us?  I eventually found my way there and back.  12 hours later, we were home.  The house was clean!

38. Awesome worship and sermon today.  We came home with a lot to talk and think about.

39.  God is taking us on a new path this fall/winter, one that we haven't been down for a long time.  It will be exciting to see how we all grow and what he has in store for us.

40. Watching the Twins play today and remembering how much fun we had with my family a few weeks ago at Target Field.

I am not a cowboy hat wearing girl, but they were giving them away when we were at the game.  The little sweetie is our niece.


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