Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pain at the Pump

According to, the highest price for gas in our town is a whoppin' $3.85!
At the station where we buy our gas, we will be paying $3.66 with our gas program.  That is a $.20 rise from a few days ago.
It is time for our family to start doing something about this.

Where we burn our gas on an average week:
Daughter's school: 20 miles
Son's school: 30 miles
Husband's work: 60 miles
Church: 66 miles
Miscellaneous errands and outings: 30 miles 
Total miles/week: Appx. 206

Where can we cut down on miles?
Now that it is warm, we can walk to our daughter's school in the afternoon to pick her up: -10 miles
Our son will be finishing school at the end of this month: -30 miles
I could pack my husband's lunch, so he wouldn't have to come home each day: -30 miles

By May 1st, we could be saving 70 miles/week worth of gas!  When we are done with choir in May, that will knock off an additional 33 miles.  Around the same time, our daughter will be done with school, so that will knock off an additional 10 miles.  By June 1st, we'll be saving 113 miles/week worth of gas.

Miscellaneous errand miles can be reduced as well, once I find a new tire for my bike.  I should probably invest in a basket too.

What are you doing to cut down on driving in your family?
How much are you paying for gas where you live?


Jamie said...

I just drove by the base gas station here in San Diego and currently we are paying $4.03 for regular gas. It is crazy to put $30 into my gas tank just to fill it half-way up. Good thing my husband rides his motorcycle to work because it saves us quite a bit of money on gas. Who knows how high it will get by this summer. Praying something will change.

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