Sunday, April 3, 2011

2:00am Musings

I went to bed way too early last night.  Now it is 2:00am and I'm waiting for the time to pass, so I can get ready for the day. 

Weekend sports: The Twins lost twice to Toronto to start off the season.
VCU lost to Butler
Kentucky lost to UConn
It was a losing weekend for sports, but I still had fun watching with my husband. 
And, I appreciate that he watches baseball with me.  Even if it is for two innings.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and left the house while everyone was still sleeping.  I was so proud of myself for not waking anyone up until I opened my husband's vehicle to get the cell charger out of it.  His car alarm went off and I couldn't get it shut off.  It woke up our house and I'm sure everyone else on our street!
After the alarm debacle, I left for church to help out with some spring cleaning.  It was a gorgeous day out and I got to spend time with some great people.

In the evening, we had a fire, the kids made s'mores, played in the sand box, and jumped on the trampoline.  It made me miss our awesome group of Idaho friends and our old house and yard.  I know we'll make close friends in time, but it is hard starting over again.

I'm thinking about where we are going to live when my husband retires in a little over six years.  We love it here and will probably put down roots, but we feel drawn to MN, because that is where our family is.  If only we could pick up everything we love here and move it north!

I gave up Facebook for Lent and have only been on there to write/reply to a couple of messages.  I don't spend a lot of time on there in the first place, but it has been nice focusing on other things.

I really need to get back into memorizing James.

The kids want an animal.  My husband wants a lab, but if we get a dog, I'd like something small.  Maybe we'll start with a couple of fish instead.

We've never taken a real vacation.  We've traveled all over the US and Canada with the AF, but never to a specific vacation destination.  I wonder if we can get away to go skiing in Colorado next winter.  I miss the mountains!

I am so proud of my husband and the work he does.  For the past 8 years, or so he's felt called into some aspect of ministry, but he doesn't know what.  He's an incredible communicator, mentor, and counselor.  I appreciate the face that he is staying with his job, even if the technical side of it isn't his passion.

I can't wait to go home this summer and spend time at the lake.  I'm not really into fishing, but it is fun being in the boat and watching the kids fish with grandpa and grandma.  There is nothing better than going out for a swim in the evening while the lake is like glass, or falling asleep to the sound of waves.

My favorite holiday is in three weeks!

I just realized that if I throw in Pride and Prejudice now, it will be done by the time I need to get ready for church.


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