Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy to Be Even

I have many, many quirks.  Just ask my husband.  Thankfully he embraces them, or chooses to remain quiet.  Most of the time.

First of all, I am a numbers person.  I remember phone numbers, addresses, PLU #'s off of items that were hard to scan at my grocery store job in high school. 
One of these quirks is that I don't like being an odd numbered age.  Today, I turned 32 and I felt a sense of relief.  32 flows off the tongue so much easier than 31.  It looks nicer too.  But, it feels older.

Two signs that I am older today...
1. When I walked out of church, I was looking for the vehicle we didn't drive today.
I couldn't remember where we parked, so I wandered the lot aimlessly with a sheepish grin on my face .  I then remembered my husband dropped me off at the door when we got to church.  He parked on the side.
2. I received some birthday money in the mail.  I am drooling over the fact that I get to splurge on a new garbage can for our kitchen.  I'm thinking something stainless steel.  With the money left over, I am going to buy some apothecary jars for our bathroom.

I started my day with coffee in bed, soft boiled eggs, bacon, and toast with my sister's homemade jam.
Lunch was spent at Whole Foods.
I browsed Trader Joe's while the family sat in the car.
For supper, we'll be eating something not cooked by me and a delicious lemon Viennese tart, not baked by me.
My birthday revolved around not having to cook.  What a perfect gift!


Tember said...

I LOVE that you didn't have to cook for your birthday...that and not cleaning (if you can pull that off somehow!) are perfect ways to celebrate. :)

Sami Jo said...

Happy Late Birthday and this post cracked me up - the whole feeling relief since your an "even" number age... killed me!

We are very similar - those are totally things I would spend my birthday money on - good for you!
Hugs, SJ

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