Monday, October 25, 2010

Be Still

Hundreds of bites
Raid for fleas
Carpet powder for fleas
Pest control
New home?
Previous tenants left us a gift.
Every piece of clothing, linens, towels, pillows being washed
Confining them to the bathroom
Vacuuming two hours a day
Moving furniture
Spreading Borax
Playstation drops four feet and dies
Clogged kitchen sinks
Turn on dishwasher, sinks fill even more
Drano didn't work
Stinky kitchen
Plunger didn't work
Unclogging crystals
Used too much on purpose
The sink is unclogged!
I killed the garbage disposal.
Hotel overnight
Didn't want to leave
Target to escape
An hour to myself
I'm the crazy lady who can't get the popcorn in her mouth
Thank you, Mr. Sweeper man
Trying to smile at other moms
Looking for a friend
Any friend.
Husband's new job
Trying not to put anymore stress on him
Doing this myself
Heavy heart
Can't unpack boxes
Parents come in three days
No room for their bed
Too many boxes
Knocked over favorite plant and pot
Dirt everywhere
What next, God?
For two hours.
A new morning
A beautiful red and pink sunrise
A morning prayer (plea)
Remembering I'm not alone.
A warm hand on my shoulder
A voice saying...
"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10


Tember said...

Oh my dear, I don't know how you and your family do it! I join you in prayer for a break in this transition. So joyful for you that your folks are coming! One of my fave "whisperings" of God is Ps. 116:7- Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you. XOXO

Us! said...

Oh Kathy! You made me cry! I'm so sorry for all that yuckiness. Makes me really really want to do something to help, but not really sure what that might be from so far away, other than pray for some PEACE and CALM and COMFORT as well as NO MORE CLOGS or BREAKS or BOXES! Hoping you enjoy your visit with your family!

Chrysanthemama said...

Thank you, girls. Your comments sure encourage me! A summary of my devotions this morning is that I need to live in the moment, in communication with Him and not worry about the future. I will be reading this over and over today. Thank you for the prayers. It seems silly praying about something so tiny (literally), but nothing is too small to be prayed for, right? :)

Kathryn said...

Oh no! We had some major problems with fleas before moving out of our apartment onto base. So bad we had to find permanent homed for our cats. I hope everything gets better for you, praying!


Tina said...

I just saw this! My dumb feed reader is acting up and your blog wasn't on there! (grr!)
Praying things are getting better....

Tina said...

I just saw this! (my feed reader is acting up and your blog wasn't on there! - Grrr!)
Praying things are going better!

Sami Jo said...

ahhhhh baby girl! I was on the verge of tears and ready to leave my boys behind and jump on a plane hoping I could make things all better... creepy!? I know, right? just a little. But sometimes the BIG sista in me just wants to fix EVERYTHING. Hope things get better and praying for you. Turn up that Praise and Worship and vacuum your heart out. Satan is a jerk - don't give him any satisfaction! Love this song...

Your friend ~ Sami Jo

Chrysanthemama said...

Oh, are such an encouragement and I love you all. Thank you for your words. It's getting better. Sami, you are so not creepy. I wish we could have connected before we moved. Hugs and thanks for the video! Love it. :)

Hyacynth said...

Amen to that. But seriously? How hard is to be still in those moments.
Hope it's all looking up for you in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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