Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Recap

Where did the summer go?
It seems like yesterday that the kids and I were going over our summer schedule, trying to fit in learning, vacation, play dates, and fun.
We did a lot less camping then we had planned, but we may try and sneak in one more trip before the month is over.  We had a wonderful visit with my mother-in-law in June.  The kids love spending time with her.  She brought so many neat activities for the kids.  We spent an incredible few weeks in Minnesota.  Saying "goodbye" this time was a piece of cake, knowing that we will be closer very soon.  When we were home, we started focusing in on some desirable locations where we may put our roots down in 7 years.  Who knows, maybe we'll fall in love with Omaha and want to stay there permanently instead of MN?  This week has been full of doctor and dentist appointments, a meeting with the moving company to see how much stuff they'll have to pack, school started, we had a garage sale, PWOC, and we're trying to sell 2 of our vehicles.
Things are going to get even crazier as we get closer to moving, but it's good. 


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