Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted, or responded to your emails. Thank you for wondering where I've been! Our family has been hit hard by H1N1 and could really use your prayers. My husband and son have fevers this morning and are starting to get more symptoms. Please pray that my fever will break so I can function enough to take care of them and our girls. Thank you all. I appreciate you.


Kimmy said...

you poor thing, I am so sorry. I hope you all get well very soon.

Julie said...

I am hearing of more and more people getting this ugly bug.

Take care

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Oh, hon! So sorry! Immediate prayers for you all and your quick healing.

Sarah said...

Aw...I really hope you all get better soon. I'm hearing more and more and more about my friends and their family coming down with it... :( Not fun! I'll be praying for you all to get better soon and that we'll dodge this thing...I've heard not so good things about babies under 6 mos and H1N1...and I really don't want Josefine to get it!!!! I'm such a scared new mommy! Trying to leave it in the Lord's hands and still do my part...but,'s hard! I just want to stay in all the time!

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