Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the House

I got this idea from Melissa @ Breath of Life.

Enjoying: Caribou K-Cups

Learning: I am learning that I need to just sit and listen for God like Samuel did. We are working through "He Speaks to Me" in PWOC. Oh, it is GOOD!

Watching: The Today Show. We were supposed to cut the cable after the Olympics were done, but the TV isn't an addiction like it was in the past, so we may keep it on for the time being.

Anticipating: Spring break this week, EASTER, my parents flying in sometime this month, and women's retreat!

Realizing: It is spring break, and I have done very little in the spring cleaning department!

Pondering: How much could I get done if I woke up an hour earlier each morning?

Studying: We got orders! So, I am studying up on the area and everything it has to offer.

Wondering: Why do we have so many toys? The kids rarely play with them. The other day, they were rappelling down the stairway with a rope and a pair of protective ear muffs. Today, they are dressed in black, pretending to be secret agents. Last week, I donated 3 garbage bags to the thrift store. They didn't even notice!

Remembering: My grandma. I missed her last night and had a lot of wonderful memories that flowed through my mind while falling asleep.

Praying: I am praying for patience and for the future.


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