Tuesday, September 8, 2009


7:36am: Oh, NO! 24 minutes until our oldest leaves for school! Jump out of bed, check on daughter. She's still in her pajamas, but her hair and teeth are done. Run downstairs, pour cereal, sit her down, strongly encourage her to eat quickly.
7:51am: Doorbell rings, friends are here to pick her up early again? Visit with neighbor mom, tell daughter to leave for school, I'll bring her backpack at lunchtime.
8:00am: Brew coffee, change poopy diaper, straighten up, sit down at computer, look at time, 8:12. Aaahh, peace and quiet.
8:12am?!?!??! It's Tuesday! Son starts pre-school at 8:30am! Fly upstairs, yank him out of bed, throw his clothes on, shove cereal bar down his throat, dress youngest daughter, put jackets on, grab keys, GRAB KEYS?!? Where are my keys? Run to neighbors, ask if I can use their car, throw the kids in, encourage son to finish his cereal bar, fly to school, until we hit the school zone. 15 mph for 3 1/2 blocks.... back up to 30mph for final 4 blocks, yanks kids out of car, run into school, hang jacket and backpack, BACKPACK?!?! I forgot it! Walk into room, wash hands, admire parents bringing in elaborate picture collages of their families, how sweet. PICTURE COLLAGES? These were due today? Which reminds me, I forgot to fill out the info. packet sent home last week. Oh, and daughter's didn't get turned in either. Sign son in.....8:29am. Kiss him goodbye.
Drive home, pour fresh coffee, sit down, fill out all information packets, breathe.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I'm praying that your week improves!

Us! said...

ahhh, what a way to start the week after the lovely 4 day weekend. although i hear yours wasn't so lovely?? hope the week got better! and just so you know, i have mornings like that too. only we don't have preschool yet. ha!

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