Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for:
1. Education! My husband and I will both graduate in December, our daughter is registered for 2nd grade and got the teacher we requested, and our son is registered for pre-school after being put on the waiting list for a week. Education is SO important for everyone, not just kids!
2. The flexibility of having a 2nd vehicle. The kids and I still walk most places, but it is so nice knowing that we can hop in the van if it is raining, 105 degrees, or if we need to run to town.
3. Our home is under warranty for one year. The contractors came by to fix our window, washing machine placement, are ordering a new counter top, and are checking out the flooring in the laundry room being our washer overflowed. If the house wasn't under warranty, we'd probably be having to pay a little out of pocket.
4. My new washer and dryer are the BEST! I am actually catching up on laundry, in record time! They are so pretty to look at too, haha.
5. Playgroup/coffee at the park tomorrow morning!


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