Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise Guests!

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You know those houses that are always clean when you go over for a visit? Are they always clean, or are they just clean because the visit was planned? I want one of those houses where if you forget to blow out a candle, you can call your neighbor and they can run over and blow it out without you being completely embarrassed.
What do you do everyday to keep your home looking presentable when a surprise guest pops in?
I try to do these things everyday, just in case.
Feel free to comment and add your own tips.
1. Open up your front door and glance into your house. Anything that you see, your guest will also see. Tidy up those spots!
2. I LOVE Scentsy, especially the Spiced Orange Harvest scent. I have one of their warmers on a table next to my front door, so our home will smell inviting.
3. Our front door has a window, and I always try to keep it clean.
4. Floors. It seems like no matter how un-tidy a room is, if the floors are clean the room looks clean.


Us! said...

will you come organize my house??? miss you and btw, i love your quirky shirt that you had on the other day....=) even though i couldn't REALLY see it!

Jess said...

i was wondering how the amazing kathi did it!

another tip - for your bedroom not that anyone will see it... make your bed - no matter how messy the room it looks 80% better when the bed is made. i suppose that would go for the couch too - clean it off - it will make the living room look tons better!

oh yeah, also - at the end of the day I have a clutter basket - anything out of place goes in it, at the end of the week family members must salvage what is theirs or it is donated to goodwill or airmans attic - yep that means anything important too! your family members will stop leaving stuff behind!

Karen said...

This is great!!! Thanks for the tips! :)

Chrysanthemama said...

Thanks all! Now if I could implement it everyday and work on the rest of the house! Thank you for the tips, Jess! The quirky shirt is SO soft, Dee Dee!

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