Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down Week

Well, this is my "down week" before my summer algebra class starts. "Down week" is anything but relaxing with three kids and a house to take care of. I'm using this week to catch up on everything house related, appointments for myself and the kids, deep cleaning our vehicle, and making sure our daughter is getting to bed early because she has end-of-the-year testing at school. I am waiting on my "official" grades and as soon as they are released, I am shutting off my computer until class starts on Monday! Yippee!


Jess said...

enjoy! well as much as you can - hit us up if you and teddo need a sitter so you can go do some more "relaxing" hahaha j/k but seriously if you need to get away just to do some grocery shopping alone bring the kiddos by when Kensey is at school!

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