Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes to Carrots!

My real-life friend, Jess, introduced me to the brand Yes to Carrots! I knew she had been using their shampoo and conditioner for quite awhile. Her hair always looks so healthy and shiny. I am using copious amount of our current shampoo and conditioner so I have an excuse to run to Target to buy some Yes to Carrots hair products.
Recently, Jess sent me a link to be a reviewer for Yes to Carrot's new products, their "C Me Shine" lip glosses and "C Me Blush" lip tints. I filled out the form and got an email saying I was one of twenty-five lucky bloggers to receive their new products for review! As busy as life gets, I forgot about it. Mr. FedEx showed up at my door one day with an envelope. I opened it, and inside was a plethora of lip glosses and lip shines!
After applying the first tint, I was IN LOVE! I am a cosmetic (namely glosses) junkie. I have glosses and tints that are somewhat comparable, but none have left my lips as smooth as these. Not only do I love the look, but I love that the products are 95% organic! I don't feel cautious applying the products, and I feel great sharing with friends and family knowing they aren't putting nasty chemicals on (and potentially in) their bodies.
These shades are very natural looking, but it you want a little extra pizazz try Yes to Carrot's Intensity tip, "For lips that truly say YES! layer your favorite C Me Blush Lip Tint with matching C Me Shine Gloss for extra intensity and shine!"
I can't wait to start handing out glosses and shines to unsuspecting friends and acquaintances. In fact, if you read my blog, leave me a comment. I will let you choose one of the products I have on hand. The only catch...I want you to help spread the love of Yes to Carrots, so please write a review within a day or two of receiving your gloss or shine. Thank you, Jeremy and Yes to Carrots!


Jess said...

what a great review! i want to go out and buy more Yes To Carrots products right now!

Jeremy said...

Our pleasure to send these to you. Thanks for saying "Yes to" us and for spreading the word!

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