Monday, April 27, 2009

Women's Retreat Recap

Me on the zip-line
Me "not pushing" Marina.
The trio with our new "well-being" summercampish bracelets.

Me eyeing the nastiest breakfast I've ever eaten.

Jess about to indulge in the best burger she's ever eaten!

Marina with her healthy soup and lil' loaf.


Sara@iSass said...

Hello, I'm Sara @iSass, I follow Sarah@parsonage. Saw your comment about Sonic and MN.
There are two Sonic's in MN.
One off 94 near maplewood, between Rice and White Bear. It's on Suburaban Ave. across from Byerlys. and the other I am told is on Robert St. in Inver Grove Heights by the Target.
(One of Sarah's "other" readers told me about that one when I complained about how busy the 94 one is. I live in Blaine so they are both stinkin' far from me...
Here's to hoping your near one of those!
Cute blog.

Jess said...

i like that "me "not pushing" marina" lol - that was the best burger i ever had - but i paid for it later right?

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