Thursday, September 18, 2008

Office Supermarket

As you may know by now, we are moving into a brand new house this week. One thing our family struggles with when moving, is the home office. We usually live in a home on base, so we are allotted a certain number of bedrooms for the number of children we have. This does not leave room for an extra room or workable space for an office to house our computer and study areas. I came across a wonderful site called, Office Supermarket. This site has everything a small or large company, or even a busy family needs to make their office space functional, organized, and modern looking. It has a wide array of home office furniture including; desks, bookcases, filing cabinets, and cupboards.

As I was brainstorming ideas for office desks and storage solutions, I decided that a more compact desk would be a good idea with our limited space. We have quite a few computer software programs, printer paper, ink cartridges, etc., so a desk with added storage would be a bonus. So, off I went to browse through the site's desk selection. I came across a neat desk called the, New Jersey Maxi. I love that this desk is actually a corner unit, so it can be tucked away from other areas in your home. I also like the CD, DVD, and CD-ROM storage area, and the drawer above that. What really appealed to me was the area for the hard drive to slide into. With three kids at home, someone is always messing with cords, or trying to climb on top of the hard drive itself!

The prices on this site are very reasonable and comparable to their competitors. As you know by reading my blog, I am very frugal and love bargains. We live on a very tight budget with one income, so inexpensive furniture is the direction I was heading. The particular desk I was looking at just happened to be on sale, along with the majority of the pieces on the Office Supermarket site. So, if you are looking for cheap office furniture that is durable and reliable, this site is a great place to shop.

The Office Supermarket prides itself on, "great value, reliable delivery, expert advice, and saving of up to 70% RRP." These factors are everything I look for when shopping anywhere, especially online. Go on over and take a look for yourself at what your new office, workspace, meeting room, or conference center can become by shopping at the Office Supermarket.


Growin' With It said...

is there any gadgets on cleaning your office desk all by itself on there? cuz i sure need one!

how exciting for you to be moving and to have more rooms. enjoy!

Amber said...

I wish I was that organized!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping a note to see if you've been getting the emails about 31 Days of Make Believe. Please let me know! Thanks!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Hope moving is going well!!!

Vietta P's two cents worth said...

HATE moving. I hope you are getting it done smoothly.
Thanks for the tip on the bargain office funiture. This is something every home has these days. I am always trying to improve our space. Take care.


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