Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter: My FAVORITE holiday!

Easter was very different for us this year. Easter is usually spent with close friends, but this year my husband's parents flew in for the weekend. I wanted to host a big Easter dinner with everyone at our house, but to be honest, I am completely emotionally and physically drained with life. Life has been non-stop busy and chaotic for the past 6 months.

September-November: Getting ready for our daughter to be born, hosted Thanksgiving
December: Daughter was born, sister flew in for a visit, Christmas activities
January: My birthday, my parents flew in for a visit
February: Son's birthday, my husband's Mom flew in for a visit
March: Daughter's birthday, my husband's parents flew in for a visit

On Easter morning, our plan was to wake up, have a light breakfast, go to church, then to the club for a big brunch after church. My husband woke up early Easter morning VERY sick (I won't go into details). He was supposed to sing with the Praise Team, but ended up sitting out. He was disappointed being his parents were not able to listen to him. After a wonderful service (and singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"), we headed to the club for an incredible brunch. We headed home after that and all took naps. In the evening, we did the "loop" as we call it, so my in-laws could see the major differences in landscape our area has to offer. After the "loop" we headed to Pizza Hut and enjoyed the rest of the evening visiting being the kids went to bed early.

The last 6 months have been busy and draining, but the love and blessings we have been given by God make things bearable. I hope you and your families and friends enjoyed a very special Easter, and were able to focus on the real meaning that, "Christ Has Risen!"


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